Happy New Year From Everyone At Aurora!

2020 was certainly a testing year, but it made us even more proud to be part of the sport for development family, bringing hope in these most difficult times. We didn’t stop, we remained positive, we kept innovating and kept finding ways for us to come together, learn together and grow together. Our best wishes to our inspiring youth network, our educators, partners, sponsors, volunteers and everyone who has helped us survive this year. We look forward to many more adventures with you in 2021 as we embark on a journey of recovery, to enlighten, empower and engage youth to lead a brighter and more sustainable tomorrow for all.

eGoal Ambassadors Join Generation Amazing Youth Festival 2020

We were very proud to take part in the global festival, where 10 of our newly appointed AFC Youth Social Responsibility Ambassadors delivered a powerful and engaging workshop titled “Can you hear me?”. In it, they shared personal reflections on their social responsibility journey and shared top tips for fellow youth on how to connect with their communities and make a positive impact. This was also the first time they showcased their Young Footballer’s ABC Guide to making a difference. Well done!

Mentor Meet-Ups

As they look to champion social responsibility in their football communities, our young ambassadors have been assigned a sport for development mentor who will guide them through the planning stages of their initiatives. This weekend we will be hosting mentor meet-ups and tackling some of the challenges that face sport for development. Stay tuned!

Youth Ambassadors Celebrate eGoal

Star peers from each AFC zone together organised and hosted the eGoal awards ceremony attended by their football communities, friends and family. The awards, selected and voted for by the ambassadors included the “Optimist” award where they celebrated peers who demonstrated positivity and determination – a message of hope and inspiration they set out to promote through this platform. Congratulations to all 83 first ever AFC Youth Social Responsibility Ambassadors! Time to make some waves!

Its A Wrap!

With successful eGoal programmes delivered to all 5 zones of the AFC region, we now look to harnessing the important lessons learnt and supporting our ambassadors to lead the necessary change! A massive thank you goes out to all our educators and volunteers for making this experience possible first, and one to remember above all! Watch this space.

South And Central Ambassadors Complete eGoal!

Congratulations to our newly appointed South and Central Ambassadors! Educated, Empowered and Engaged – they are now ready to champion social change across their own communities. We are excited to follow their journeys towards more ethical and responsible football. Best of luck!