Amman 2022/2023

At Aurora:

  • We respect everyone: teammates, educators, staff, and guests
  • We are on time and ready before sessions start
  • We are always ready with our notebooks and pens
  • We listen and act accordingly to what our educators request
  • We always make an effort to contribute
  • We don’t interrupt our educators or peers and always raise our hands before we speak
  • We always thank our educators at the end of the session
  • We talk to our Aurora representatives if we are unhappy
  • We have zero-tolerance for racism, sexism or any type of discrimination
  • We have zero-tolerance for bullying and the use of bad language
  • We have zero-tolerance for violence or threats
  • We have zero-tolerance for addictive substances
  • We respect the confidentiality of the classroom, we do not share links, we do not take pictures, we do not record sessions or parts of sessions
  • We honour the rules of this code of conduct



  • I will attend a minimum of 80 % of all sessions
  • In case of illness or any form of absence/lateness, I will inform Aurora 24 hours before the start of the session.


Disciplinary action:

  • Being required to apologise to teammates, educators, staff, and guests
  • Receiving a formal warning from Aurora
  • Exclusion from the programme


Above-named regulations are to be followed at all times at Aurora, throughout the programme and upon representing Aurora.