Our Stakeholders

Working in youth development and empowerment require strong alliances with community stakeholders in order to ensure that our ambassadors are provided with the opportunities to exercise their leadership and autonomy to promote responsible attitudes.​

At Aurora, we are fortunate to work with a diverse stakeholder group that shapes our operation and ensures meaningful and sustainable decision making processes.


Central to the road to sustainable development is the role of empowered and engaged youth.

Our ambassadors play an equally central role in our efforts to design effective and sustainable youth-led opportunities to drive social change.

Sport Entities

The sport entities we work with include national associations, clubs, academies, and local government initiatives using sport as a tool to uplift communities.

We offer our programmes to sport entities to embed youth leadership opportunities into their standard grassroots operations.


Education is a key driver of change. At Aurora, we work hard to ensure that our programmes are aligned with secondary school requirements to nurture a generation of youth empowered with the skills necessary to design a sustainable future.


Alliances with fellow Non-Governmental Organisations in sport for development plays a crucial role in making sure our programmes meet best practice and contribute to driving systems change across the field.

We work closely with leading organisations to co-create and co-deliver trainings across all our programmes.


None of our ambitions would be possible without the invaluable support of our volunteers.

Our volunteers hail from higher education institutes and are usually young community leaders using sport to drive social change.


Guidance and support from governing bodies and sponsors allows us to expand our outreach while delivering value where it is most needed.

We work closely with governing bodies in the sports, development and education sectors to embed sport for development programmes into standard operations.


From parents and neighbours to local municipalities and ministries, community stakeholders play an important role in recognising youth contributions and celebrating their achievements.

We work with community stakeholders to create opportunities to come together and raise awareness through sharing experiences and learning.